About Us

Yogyakarta Consumer Foundation (LKY) is an independent, non-profit, volunteer based organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just and safe environment for all consumer community. LKY encourage consumer empowerment to protect themselves.
Lembaga Konsumen Yogyakarta ( Yogyakarta Consumer Foundation) is the first consumer organization in Yogyakarta. Founded in April 12 1978, as a branch of The Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesia (YLKI) based in Jakarta named YLKI Yogyakarta. In 20 Mei 1999, influenced by Indonesia’s reformation and organization dynamic YLKI Yogyakarta become independent and separated from YLKI . The organization formation also change from foundation into community organization. The name and formation changing validated through notariat deed on August 9, 1999. The first general assembly held in 2002.
The Second General Assembly was held in 2005, when the members agreed to change the name of YLKI Yogyakarta into Lembaga Komsumen Yogyakarta (LKY). It is based on the fact that the name YLKI Yogyakarta always seen as a representative of YLKI based in Jakarta while many organization opinions and views are poles apart. This is perceived as a barrier to the development of organization in the future. Despite of the name changing, organization vision, mission, goal, and formation remain the same.
As a community based organization LKY open its doors to all community members to become members and get involved in our consumer protection movement to establish a fair and just environment for all consumer in Indonesia.

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